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Our approach to auditing goes beyond the tick box auditing of computerised systems.

We strive to understand our client’s business and to provide insight derived from our audit findings.

We hold ourselves to high ethical standards. Independence of judgement, objectivity and quality control will always remain as the corner stone of any audit we undertake. However we strive to add value to the service by providing feedback to the client that they can use for improvement and development of their business.

We believe that auditing goes beyond statutory compliance and should add value to the business.

Our Assurances Services include

Agreed upon procedures

Independent Review


Forensic Auditing

Audit Experience

Mandatory Audits – Public interest score: Retail, Property Investment and Manufacturing industries.

Mandatory Audits – Other: EAAB, Attorney Trusts and ASATA.

Voluntary Audits: Retail, ITC, Industry Bodies, Non-profit, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Sports Gambling, and a variety of others.

Agreed on Procedures including Competitions under the Consumer Protections Act and Subsidy verification.

Forensic Auditing.

Audit Methodology

Our audit team is highly experienced which leads to a quality audit. A strong focus is placed on ensuring the team’s knowledge is up to date specifically in the areas of IFRS, Tax, Statutory compliance, and International Auditing Standards by annually attending SAICA approved training.

We follow strict professional and ethical requirements as we are bound by SAICA and the IRBA regulatory bodies. Compliance of the financial statements as provided by the different Acts and Regulatory frameworks is a key element that is consistent throughout our Audit Process.

We follow the International Auditing Standards by performing audits centered on identifying risk, focusing on risks of material misstatements and the performing the necessary audit response.

We use market leading audit software as a basis of our audit planning, risk assessment and audit procedures which can be ‘scaled’ to present the relevant requirements and guidance, depending on the nature of the entity to be audited.

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